The Owl of Minerva

Guidelines for Submissions

Submission of Articles:

Authors are asked to send one hard copy of the manuscript along with digital copy on CD (compact disk) to:

Ardis B. Collins
Philosophy Department
Loyola University Chicago
1032 W. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60660

In order to save paper and postage costs, authors may print their submissions on both sides of the page and may use line-and-a-half spacing. The manuscript must be submitted in a form appropriate for blind review. The author's name should appear only on a separate title page. The body of the manuscript must contain nothing that reveals the author's identity. Articles should be no longer than 25,000 words (approximately 100 double-spaced pages). Since The Owl of Minerva is an international journal, citations of sources originally written in a language other than English must refer to sections or pages in original language editions as well as to English translations. Full bibliographical information must be given for all sources, and citations must conform to the style requirements of The Chicago Manual of Style (latest edition).

The Owl will not consider a manuscript that is currently under consideration elsewhere or has been published previously, except in special circumstances and with the prior approval of the Editor.

Articles accepted for publication must be re-submitted on CD with double spacing throughout (including notes) and a double-spaced hard copy. Notes should be arranged as end notes at the end of the article. The preferred word processing programs are Microsoft Word or an rtf file. Please check disks for viruses.

Books for Review

Publishers should send review copies of books to:

Michael Baur
Philosophy Department
Fordham University
441 E. Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458

New Books:

Authors or editors of new books on Hegel or Hegel-related topics are asked to send the Editor of The Owl the following:


Recent graduates of doctoral programs who have written dissertations focused on Hegel or Hegel-related topics are asked to send the Editor of The Owl a dissertation abstract of seventy-five words or less together with the following information:

The abstract should identify the dissertation's research area, not summarize the argument.

Photocopy Policy:

Permission to reprint, in whole or in part, any work published in The Owl must be obtained in writing from both the Editor and the author, except for fair scholarly use such as personal research or reference, limited classroom use, or brief quotations in a review or essay.

Policy for authors wishing to post online versions of their articles published in the Owl of Minerva:

Authors may post a non-formatted version of their article as submitted to The Owl of Minerva to open access web sites. This means a version in a format that does not duplicate the look and feel of the journal (such as ASCII TXT, HTML, Word). We cannot grant permission for the use of any file format that reproduces page images from the journal (such as TIF, PDF, JPEG). Posting a non-formatted version of the paper allows authors to make their work more widely known without asking a non-profit journal to bear the cost and risk of free distribution.

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