The Hegel Society of
To: Members of the Hegel Society of America, Past and Present
Date: Oct. 29, 1996

As the newly elected Treasurer of the Hegel Society, I have the responsibility of maintaining the Society's membership database. Moreover, we will soon sign a contract with the Philosophy Documentation Center to handle database maintenance and have already signed a contract with Darby Printing in Atlanta to handle mailing services for the Hegel Society journal, The Owl of Minerva. Hence, it is important at this time to review our membership lists and bring both the lists and our members up to date. For most individuals listed in our database, we have no record of dues paid for 1996. Many individuals active in the Society are not listed in the current roster, because no dues payment has been recorded for some years. As a result, some active members are not receiving The Owl or information about Hegel Society meetings. In some cases, our records may be wrong. In others, individuals may have forgotten to pay dues because they have not received a reminder at the time when payment is due.

Therefore, I am reinstating the Hegel Society's original dues policy: payment is due March 1. A dues notice will be sent to all current members a few weeks prior to this date. Since, however, this could run up a rather large postage bill, I am asking all members who use E-mail regularly to give us a current, correct E-mail address. If most members use E- mail, dues notices will be sent and payment confirmed by E-mail for E-mail users and by first class mail for the few who do not use E-mail. If most do not use E-mail, dues notices will be sent by bulk mail for all U.S. members.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardis B. Collins
Philosophy Department, Loyola University Chicago, 6525 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626
Phone: (773) 508-3477. FAX: (773) 508-2292. Email:

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