The Hegel Society of America

Minutes of the Business Meeting
Hegel Society of America
Chicago, IL
October 27, 2012

  1. President Ardis Collins called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm.

  2. A report was made regarding the Executive Council's activities over the past two years. Lydia Moland noted that two conference sessions were organized under the auspices of the Society. The first was held at the December 2011 meeting of the Eastern American Philosophical Association and the second at the April 2012 meeting of Pacific American Philosophical Association.

    Ardis also reported on the Executive Council's decision to allow the Philosophy Documentation Center to sell individual articles of the Owl of Minerva.

  3. In her role as Treasurer, Ardis presented the Treasure's Report. Between October 2010 and October 2012 income received totaled $26,823, of which $26,731 came from subscription income. Expenses paid out totaled $21,992. Thus, income exceeded expenses by $4,830. There are, however, a number of outstanding payments totaling approximately $7,800. These include expenses associated with the renewal of the Hegel Society's trademark and the renewal of the Society's tax-exempt status, as well as typesetting, printing, and mailing costs.

    The Society's checking account had a balance brought forward in September 2010 of $25,026. The current balance is $32,515.

    The Society also has funds invested in a certificate of deposit. The balance brought forward in October 2010 was $14,888 and is now $15,001.

    The Society's total assets (checking account plus the certificate of deposit) are $47,516.

  4. The following members were nominated for office:

    President           Robert Bernasconi and Adriaan Peperzak
    Vice-President    Ned Beach and Allegra de Laurentiis
    Councilor           Karin de Boer, Phil Kain, Nicholas Mowad, and Nathan Ross

    Robert Bernasconi was elected President, Allegra de Laurentiis was elected to the office of Vice-President, and Karin de Boer and Nicholas Mowad were elected Councilors. Ardis Collins and Michael Baur will continue in their positions as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Brady Bowman and Peter Wake will remain in their positions as Councilors.

  5. The following four topics were proposed for the 2014 Hegel Society meeting:
    Hegel and the Fine Arts
    Hegel and the Philosophy of History
    Hegel and Schelling
    Hegel without Metaphysics
    It was agreed that the policy of including a membership-wide vote to decide the theme would continue.

  6. A discussion was held addressing a proposal to include a workshop as part of future meetings of the Society. 'Translating Hegel' was offered as an example of the sort of topic that might be addressed in a workshop of this kind.

  7. A motion thanking Kevin Thompson for his work as the local organizer of the 2012 meeting was made and approved by acclamation.

  8. A motion was made to thank those DePaul institutions that supported the meeting (University Research Council, Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, Dean's Office of the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, and the Department of Philosophy). The motion was approved by acclamation.

  9. A motion to send a letter of thanks to Jeffrey Pine for his pro bono legal work for the Society was made and approved by acclamation.

  10. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:35pm.

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