The Hegel Society of America

Minutes of the Business Meeting
Hegel Society of America
De Pere, WI
October 9, 2010

  1. President Bill Maker called the meeting to order at 5:10 pm.

  2. Ardis Collins presented the Treasurer's Report. Income received totaled $28,263.58, of which $27,077.90 came from subscription income. Expenses paid out (including expenses to cover some of 2008 Hegel Society Meeting) totaled $36,811.60. Thus expenses exceeded income by $8,548.02.
    The Society's checking account had a balance brought forward in September 2008 of $33,518.40. The adjusted balance as of September 2010 was $25,026.92. The Society also had funds invested in a certificate of deposit. The balance brought forward on Oct. 1 2008 was $14,266.55. The current balance is $14,888.64.
    The Society's total assets (checking account plus the certificate of deposit) are $39,915.56.

    It was noted that at the last Society meeting (2008) $2160.87 was paid out in additional banquet fees that had been unanticipated. Members were cautioned that, when hosting conferences in the future, they need to be careful to clarify beforehand what the total banquet fees will be to eliminate any hidden charges to the Hegel Society.

  3. It was noted that the Owl will likely move to two double issues per year, rather than four single issues, since the journal can save approximately $1000 in mailing and associated costs by going this route.

  4. The following four topics were proposed for the 2012 Hegel Society Meeting:
    Hegel and Kant (9 votes)
    Hegel and Education (9 votes)
    The Logical and the Real (8 votes)
    Hegel and Capitalism (14 votes)
    It was agreed (after an almost unanimous decision) that the policy of including a membership-wide vote to decide the final theme of the next HSA meeting would continue. In deciding the topic of the 2008 meeting, sixty-three members voted of the larger HSA membership (those not present at the business meeting of 2008), and so it was agreed, given the level of larger interest, that the practice should continue. Thus, the votes gathered from a membership-wide mailing will be added to the votes taken at the 2010 Business Meeting, following the same procedure as the previous 2008 selection process.

  5. George DiGiovanni proposed (via email) that McGill University (Montreal) might be able to host the 2012 meeting. The motion was made to accept George's offer in the hopes that something could be finalized in the near future.

  6. The following members were nominated for office:

    President               Ardis Collins and Adrian Peperzak
    Vice-President        Andrew Buchwalter
    Councillor              Glenn Magee, Alegra de Laurentiis, Peter Wake, Brady Bowman

    Before the election President Bill Maker clarified that Ardis was concerned that her position as treasurer of the HSA and editor of the Owl might give some voters pause, in which case she would step down and withdraw her nomination. There were no concerns from any of the members present, so Ardis accepted the nomination.
    Ardis was elected President, Andrew Buchwalter accepted the office of Vice-President (having no contending nominees), and Peter Wake and Brady Bowman were elected Councilors. Ardis Collins and Michael Baur will remain on as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

  7. A motion thanking David Duquette for his hospitality and that of St. Norbert's University was made and approved by acclamation.

  8. A motion that the new President should send a letter of appreciation to St. Norbert's University was made and approved by acclamation.

  9. A motion thanking Angelica Nuzzo for her work as the program chair for the 2010 meeting was made and approved by acclamation.

  10. The meeting adjourned at approximately 6:25 pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Jason Howard (acting as temporary Secretary).
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