The Hegel Society of America

Hegel Society of America
Business Meeting
Columbia, SC
October 25, 2008

  1. President Philip Grier called the meeting to order at 5:50 pm.

  2. Ardis Collins presented the Treasurer’s report.  Income received totaled $26,404.02, of which $24,367.00 came from subscription income.  Expenses paid out (including some expenses connected to the renewal of the Hegel Society’s trademark for “the Owl of Minerva”) totaled $24,208.58.  Thus income exceeded expenses by $2,194.44.

    The Society’s checking account had a balance brought forward in September 2006 of $31,259.08.  The adjusted balance as of September 30, 2008 was $33,518.40.

    The Society also has funds invested in a certificate of deposit.  The balance brought forward in October 2006 was $13,072.71.  The current balance is $14,266.55

    The Society’s total assets (checking account plus the certificate of deposit) are $47,784.95.

  3. The following four topics were proposed as possible topics for the 2010 Hegel Society meeting:

    Hegel and Analytic Philosophy

    Hegel on Education and Culture

    Hegel and Globalization

    Hegel, Religion, and Politics

    A vote on these topics was taken at the Business Meeting, and the votes for each topic were recorded.  It was also resolved that these four topics should be mailed out to all Hegel Society members, so that a membership-wide vote could be taken.  The votes gathered from the membership-wide mailing would then be added to the votes taken at the Business Meeting, so that the choice of the 2010 meeting could be based on the combined votes of (a) those members present at the Business Meeting and (b) those members who did not attend the Business Meeting.

  4. David Duquette indicated that his home institution, St. Norbert College in DePere, WI, might be able to host the 2010 meeting of the Hegel Society.  His offer to serve as the local organizer (with St. Norbert College as the host institution) was accepted.  It was understood that David Duquette’s offer is conditional on approval from the relevant parties at St. Norbert College.  It was also resolved that the 2010 meeting of the Hegel Society should be scheduled, if at all possible, to miss overlapping with the 2010 SPEP meeting by at least two weeks.

  5. The following members were nominated for office:

    President               Will Dudley and Bill Maker
    Vice-President        Angelica Nuzzo and Mark Tunick
    Councillor              Jason Howard, Glenn Magee, Lydia Moland, and Surya Parekh

    Bill Maker was elected President, Angelica Nuzzo was elected Vice President, and Jason Howard and Lydia Moland were elected Councillors (they will replace outgoing Councillors Robert Bernasconi and Andrew Buchwalter).  Allegra de Laurentis and Kenneth Westphal (who were elected to the Council in 2006) will remain on as Councillors for another two years.  Ardis Collins and Michael Baur will remain on as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

  6. A motion thanking Martin Donougho for his work as the local organizer of the 2008 meeting was made and approved by acclamation.

  7. A motion thanking David Stern for his work as the program chair for the 2008 meeting was made and approved by acclamation.

  8. A motion that the new President should send a letter of appreciation to the University of South Carolina was made and approved by acclamation.

  9. A motion that the new President should send a letter of thanks to Jeff Pine, who took care of the Society's trademark application pro bono, was made and accepted by acclamation.

  10. The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:15 pm.

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