The Hegel Society of America

Hegel Society of America
Business Meeting
Chicago, IL
October 7, 2006

  1. President John McCumber called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm.
  1. The Executive Council offered the following motion:

The 2007 notice of dues will ask for suggestions for topics for the 2010 biennial meeting.  These will be discussed at the business meeting 2008, together with such other suggestions as are made at the meeting and by the Executive Council.  The business meeting will formulate a list of topics.  The membership will vote on these topics by mail.

The motion carried.

  1. The following members were nominated for office:

President                      Philip Grier and Jere Surber
Vice President              David Stern and Mark Tunick
Councillor                    Allegra de Laurentis, Glenn Magee, Lydia Moland, and Kenneth Westphal

Phillip Grier was elected President, David Stern was elected Vice President, and Allegra de Laurentis and Kenneth Westphal were elected Councillors (they will replace outgoing Councillors John Russon and David Stern).  Robert Bernasconi and Andrew Buchwalter (who were elected to the Council in 2004) will remain on as Councillors for another two years.  Ardis Collins and Michael Baur will remain on as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.

  1. Ardis Collins gave the Treasurer’s report.  The Society’s financial situation improved over the last two years since the last meeting.  Income received totaled $30,536.52, of which $30,074.42 came from subscription income.  Expenses paid totaled $23,675.32.  Thus income exceeded expenses by $6,861.20.

The Society’s checking account had a balance brought forward in October 2004 of $24,521.41.  The adjusted balance as of October 8, 2006 was $31,461.48.

The Society also has funds invested in a certificate of deposit.  The balance brought forward in October 2004 was $12,774.68.  The current balance is $13,072.71

The Society’s total assets (checking account plus the certificate of deposit) are $44,395.67.

  1. Martin Donougho proposed that the University of South Carolina host the 2008 meeting.  This proposal was accepted.
  1. Four topics were proposed for the 2008 meeting:
    1. Philosophy of Subjective Spirit
    2. Recognition and Reconciliation
    3. Hegel and Education
    4. Hegel and Contemporary Issues

The topic selected was the Philosophy of Subjective Spirit.

  1. A motion thanking Kevin Thompson for his work as local arrangements chair was made and approved by acclamation.
  1. A motion thanking Will Dudley for his work as program chair was made and approved by acclamation.
  1. A motion that the new President should send a letter of appreciation to DePaul University was made and approved by acclamation.
  1. The meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

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