The Hegel Society of America

Minutes of the Business Meeting
Seventeenth Biennial Meeting of the Hegel Society of America

Saturday, October 26, 2002
Pennsylvania State University , University Park , PA


The Business Meeting was called to order by the Society’s President, Dr. David Kolb, at approximately 6:20 p.m.


Dr. Ardis Collins presented the Treasurer’s Report, which showed that (since October 2000) the Society’s balance brought forward was $28,673.39.   Its new current balance stands at $31,397.63, with its total actual assets at $35,378.37.   Since October 2000, the Society's total new income was $32,618.07 and its total pay-outs were $29,893.83.   As part of her Report, the Treasurer expressed the Society’s gratitude to Loyola University of Chicago for its ongoing help in sustaining The Owl of Minerva.


At the conclusion of the Treasurer’s Report, the following motion was voted on and passed:

“BE IT RESOLVED: That the annual membership dues to be paid by regular members of the Hegel Society of America shall be increased to $25 per year.   Dues for students and retirees remain the same at $10 per year.”


President David Kolb then announced that the Society had not received any firm offers from potential host institutions for the 2004 meeting, and that the Executive Council would decide on the 2004 location sometime in the near future, taking into consideration factors such as hotel costs, local funding, and convenience.


Next, suggestions for the theme of the HSA conference in the year 2004 were solicited, and a vote was taken.   The theme of the 2004 conference was determined to be: “The Politics and Metaphysics of Identity and Difference.”   It was also determined that the exact wording of the theme (to be announced in the “Call for Papers for the 2004 meeting) shall be decided upon by the HSA Vice-President (i.e., Program Chair), with the advice and consent of the Executive Council.


Next, the following resolution was voted on and passed:

“BE IT RESOLVED: That papers accepted for the Hegel Society sessions at APA Eastern Division Meetings are automatically submitted for possible publication in The Owl of Minerva.   By submitting a paper, the author agrees to this condition, although acceptance for publication is determined by the journal’s regular evaluation process, and cannot be guaranteed.   In exceptional cases, the Hegel Society Executive may set aside this condition, with decisions to be made on a case by case basis.   If the paper is not accepted for publication in the journal, the author is free to publish it elsewhere.”


Next, the following resolution was voted on and passed:

“BE IT RESOLVED: That the Hegel Society’s Vice-President (i.e., Program Chair) may allocate one time-slot on the Hegel Society’s Biennial Meeting program for an invited speaker, who shall be asked to speak on the topic of the meeting theme.   The Vice-President shall issue the invitation to this speaker with the advice and consent of the Executive Council.”


Next, Vice-President Jere Surber presented the following motion, which was voted on and passed:

“BE IT RESOLVED: That t he Hegel Society of America recognizes and congratulates the Sociedade Hegel Brasileira on its recent inauguration.   We extend to our fellow scholars our best wishes in their work, invite them to participate in our functions, and offer our assistance and cooperation in future endeavors.”


The membership in attendance also voted on and passed a resolution stating that the Society’s deep gratitude to the following institutions and individuals shall be reflected in the Business Meeting Minutes: to Penn State University, for its institutional and financial support for the 2002 Biennial Meeting; to John Sallis, John Russon, and Nancy Fedrow for their excellent work in handling the local arrangements for the 2002 Biennial Meeting; to Jere Surber (Program Chair for the 2002 Biennial Meeting) for assembling such a strong meeting program on “Hegel and Language”; to Loyola University of Chicago, for its ongoing institutional and financial support of the Hegel Society’s journal, The Owl of Minerva ; and to Jeffrey Pine for his pro bono legal work on behalf of the Society (Mr. Pine helped to secure the Society’s rights to the trademark, the “Owl of Minerva”).


Finally, elections were held for Officers and Councillors.   The results of the elections were as follows: President: Richard Dien Winfield; Vice-President: Philip Grier; Councillors: John Russon and David Stern (to replace outgoing Councillors Angelica Nuzzo and Melvin Woody).


The Business Meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Michael Baur, HSA Secretary

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