The Hegel Society of

Minutes from the HSA's Fourteenth Biennial Meeting

October 19, 1996 (Keystone Resort, Colorado)

1. Ardis Collins presented the Treasurer's Report and explained how the Society's methods of record-keeping and dues- collection are being professionalized. The work of updating the membership database has begun. The dues-collection system will be changed back to an annual-billing system, with the same due date for all members. At the conclusion of the Treasurer's Report, the Treasurer on behalf of the Executive Council moved that the Society raise regular membership dues by $5 and student membership dues by $2, in order to hire the Philosophy Documentation Center to look after the membership database and dues-collection. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

2. Stephen Houlgate made several announcements: (1) The proceedings of the 1994 conference (on Hegel's philosophy of nature) are in production with S.U.N.Y. Press; (2) the work of establishing an official World Wide Web "home page" for the Hegel Society of America has begun; (3) prior to the 1998 meeting, a proposal to amend the Hegel Society's constitution (Article V, section 3, regarding elections) will be distributed to members of the Hegel Society along with copies of the full constitution; (4) The Executive Council of the Society has authorized official participation by the Hegel Society in the upcoming World Congress of Philosophy (August 10-16, 1998, in Boston); (5) Stephen Houlgate shared some of his ideas about how the Hegel Society of America might work to increase its visibility and presence at various philosophical events and gatherings, both in North America and throughout the world.

3. Suggestions for the theme of the 1998 conference were solicited and a vote was taken. The theme of the 1998 conference was determined to be: "Hegel's Philosophy of Right." The tentative host institution of the 1998 conference will be the University of Georgia. If the University of Georgia is unable to host the 1998 conference, then the Pennsylvania State University will do so. If the University of Georgia hosts the 1998 meeting, Pennsylvania will host the meeting in 2000.

4. Motions were passed authorizing the President to write official letters of thanks to Jere Surber (as the Local Organizer of the 1996 conference), to the University of Denver (as the host institution of the 1996 conference), to Larry Stepelevich (as outgoing Editor of The Owl of Minverva), to Loyola University and John McCumber (for their support of The Owl). A motion was passed thanking William Maker for organizing the program for the 1996 conference.

5. Elections were held for Officers and Councillors. The results of the elections (announced later at the Society banquet) were as follows: President: Larry Stepelevich; Vice-President: Robert Williams; Treasurer: Ardis Collins; Secretary: Michael Baur; Councillors: John McCumber and Jere Surber (to replace outgoing Councillors David Duquette and David Sterne).

The Business Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Baur, Secretary

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