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Call for Papers on Hegel's Relevance Today for the 27th Biennial Meeting of the Hegel Society of America (Deadline: Jan. 17, 2024)
Call for Abstracts on Metametaphysics in German Idealism (Deadline: March 31, 2023)
Upcoming Conference: Hegel and the Hegelian Tradition in Political Thought (July 7-8, 2023)

Past Hegel Society Biennial Conferences

Year Theme Location Published Proceedings
1968 Hegel and the Philosophy of Religion Spartanburg, South Carolina Title: "Hegel and the Philosophy of Religion"
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff, 1970
1970 Hegel and the Sciences Boston University Title: "Hegel and the Sciences"
Editors: Robert S. Cohen and Marx Wartofsky
Publisher: Boston: D. Reidel, 1982
1972 Hegel and the History of Philosophy Notre Dame University Title: "Hegel and the History of Philosophy"
Editors: K. Algozin, J. O'Malley, and F. R. Weiss
Publisher: Martinus Nijhof, 1974
1974 Hegel's Logic and Aesthetics Georgetown University Title: "Art and Logic in Hegel's Philosophy"
Editor: Warren Steinkraus
Publisher: Humanities Press, 1980
1976 Hegel's Conception of Law and Society Villanova University Title: "Hegel's Social and Political Thought"
Editor: Donald P. Verene
Publisher: Humanities Press, 1980
1978 Hegel's 'Phenomenology of the Spirit' Pennsylvania State University Title: "Method and Speculation in Hegel's 'Phenomenology'"
Editor: Merold Westphal
Publisher: Humanities Press, 1978
1980 Hegel Today Trent University, Ontario No Published Proceedings
1982 Hegel's Philosophy of History Clemson University Title: "History and System: Hegel's Philosophy of History"
Editor: Robert L. Perkins
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1984
1984 Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit Russell Sage College Title: "Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit"
Editor: Peter G. Stillman
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1987
1986 Hegel and his Critics: Philosophy in the Aftermath of Hegel Emory University Title: "Hegel and his Critics: Philosophy in the Aftermath of Hegel"
Editor: William Desmond
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1989
1988 The Greater Logic of Hegel Loyola University, Chicago Title: "Essays on Hegel's Logic"
Editor: George diGiovanni
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1990
1990 Hegel's Philosophy of Religion McGill University, Quebec Title: "New Perspectives on Hegel's Philosophy of Religion"
Editor: David Kolb
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1992
1992 Hegel on the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Pennsylvania State University Title: "Hegel on the Modern World"
Editor: Ardis Collins
Publisher: State University of New York Press, 1995
1994 Hegel's Philosophy of Nature The Catholic University of America Title: "Hegel and the Philosophy of Nature"
Editor: Stephen Houlgate
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1998
1996 Hegel and Aesthetics University of Denver and the University of Colorado Title: "Hegel and Aesthetics"
Editor: William Maker
Publisher: SUNY Press, 1999
1998 Hegel's Philosophy of Right University of Georgia Title: "Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism: Studies in Hegel's Philosophy of Right"
Editor: Robert Williams
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2000
2000 Hegels's History of Philosophy Fordham University Title: "Hegel's History of Philosophy"
Editor: David Duquette
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2003
2002 Hegel and Language Pennsylvania State University
Title: "Hegel and Language"
Jere Paul Surber
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2006
2004 Identity and Difference: Studies in Hegel's Logic, Philosophy of Spirit, and Politics University of California, Los Angeles
Title: "Identity and Difference: Studies in Hegel's Logic, Philosophy of Spirit, and Politics"
Philip T. Grier
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2007
2006 Hegel and History De Paul University
Title: "Hegel and History"
Editor: Will Dudley
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2009
2008 Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit University of South Carolina
Title: "Essays on Hegel's Philosophy of Subjective Spirit"
Editor: David Stern
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2013
2010 Hegel, Religion and Politics St. Norbert College
Title: "Hegel on Religion and Politics"
Editor: Angelica Nuzzo
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2013
2012 Hegel and Capitalism Depaul University
Title: "Hegel and Capitalism"
Editor: Andrew Buchwalter
Publisher: SUNY Press, 2015
2014 Hegel Without Metaphysics? Northwestern University
Title: "Hegel and Metaphysics"
Editor: Allegra de Laurentiis
Publisher: de Gruyter, 2016
2016 Hegel and Ancient Philosophy Concordia University, Montreal
Title: "Hegel and Ancient Philosophy"
Editor: Glenn Magee
Publisher: Routledge, 2018
2018 Hegel, Tragedy and Comedy Boston College
Title: "Hegel on Tragedy and Comedy"
Editor: Mark Alznauer
Publisher: TBA

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