The Hegel Society of America


Hegel's Social and Political Philosophy
200 Years of the Philosophy of Right


the 26th Biennial Meeting of the Hegel Society of America
October 16-18, 2020
Nashville, TN

Deadline for submission of papers:
February 29, 2020

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the publication of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, the Hegel Society of America invites papers for our 2020 Biennial Meeting on all topics relating to Hegel's social and political philosophy, including its precursors, reception, and legacy. We are open to critical, historical, systematic, and other approaches; we encourage papers focused on Hegel as well as papers focused on other figures or themes in more or less explicit relation to Hegel; and we welcome papers touching on topics raised by the Philosophy of Right but addressed more fully in Hegel's other works—topics such as (but not limited to) race, gender, the philosophy of history, law, economics, and/or recognition.

Submissions are limited to 6,000 words (excluding notes), and any later adjustments must remain within this limit. They must be complete essays; draft proposals will not be accepted. Submissions must be in English, in Word or PDF format, prepared for blind review, and accompanied by an abstract of no more than 300 words.

Note: Although papers presented at meetings of the Hegel Society of America are usually published as a collection, publication cannot be guaranteed. By submitting a paper, however, the author agrees to reserve publication for an HSA proceedings volume if the paper is accepted for the program, and if the program is accepted for publication.

Please send papers to:
Sebastian Rand, Program Chair
srand [@]

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